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HIS 217
History of Chinese and Japanese Civilization


Map Test
  Chinese Map Terms

Japanese Map Terms
Chinese Province/Cities Map
   Japanese Cities Map
   Chinese Blank Map
   Japanese Blank Map


I.       Geographical Setting of Chinese History
          Map of Chinese regions
          Map of Chinese physical features
          Map of Chinese provinces
          Map of Chinese cities

II.      Zhou  Dynasty (Waring States) Map

III.     Qin Dynasty Map

IV.     Han Dynasty Map

V.      Three Kingdoms Map

VI.    Tang Dynasty Map

VII.    Southern Song Dynasty Map

VIII.   Yuan Dynasty

IX.      Ming Dynasty

X.       Qing Dynasty

XI.      Taiping Rebellion

XIII.    Western Imperialism in China

XIV.     Nationalist China
             Northern Expedition

XV.      Jiangxi Soviet
             Long March

XVI       People's Republic of China


I.       Geographical Foundations of Japan
               Japanese Map
               Japanese Map terms

II.       Tokugawa Japan: A Centralized Feudal State
                Feudal Domains

III.       Japan's Response to the West 
 Choshu and Satsuma

IV.       Meiji Restoration Part 1 

V.        Meiji Restoration Part 2  

VI.       Imperial Japan: Democracy and Militarism
                 Japanese Empire

VII.      Road to War  




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