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GPH 210  
World Regional Geography
Saint Martin's College
Course Syllabus

Dr. Richard L. Langill  Fall, 2011
mail:   Office: Old Main #333
phone:  (360) 438-4588 (Office) 360) 943-3258 (Home)
Office Hours MWF  8-9am 10-11am TR 11-12 Also by Appointment

Purpose of the Course

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to world regional geography.  The course will seek to highlight the distinctive feature of the various regions of the world,  their historical and cultural background, physical location and physical features, resources, and economic components.

The instructor believes that students should have an understanding and appreciation for the world in which they live.   The instructor hopes that this course will serve as a window on the world and provide a foundation for understanding other countries, peoples, and ways of life.

Course Requirements

This course will be primarily a lecture course with discussion strongly encouraged.  The instructor expects students to keep up with the reading so they will be able to participate more actively in these discussions.  The instructor will use a variety of AV tapes created by the textbook author to highlight various aspects of this course.  Multimedia resources and slides from the instructor’s travels will also be used to give students a perspective on countries covered in this course.

Grading Policy

Grades will be based on Four Examinations and the Map Exercises.  Each examination will count 20% of you total grade.  The map homework will also constitute the final 20% of the grade. The grades for this course will be calculated as follows:

=100 points (20%) First Exam A=    500 - 450
=100 points (20%) Second Exam B=    450 - 400
=100 points (20%) Third Exam C=    400 - 350
=100 points (20%) Final Exam D=    350 - 300
=100 points (20%) Map Homework F=     300 - 250
=500 points

Map Homework

Students must complete the map assignments on all regions covered in class.  The materials for these exercises are available in the Bookstore.    These are due the first day that we are scheduled to cover the region.  Late submissions will be penalized.  Grades for these exercises will be based on the extent to which the maps are completed well. (These are relatively easy points to obtain, so be sure to turn in all assignments.) GPH 210 Map Exercises  GPH 210 Maps

Students can use the maps at the beginning of each section of the H.J. deBlij text.  They can use the Student Atlas of World Geography on reserve in the library, or they can use Google Earth available on line from


The examinations will consist of objective questions drawn from the textbook and essay questions drawn  from the textbook and lectures in class.  Students need to focus on the main concepts, ideas and issues discussed in the textbook and class.  Basic geographical knowledge of the regions will be essential.

 PowerPoint Presentations

All class presentations for this course are available on reserve in the SMU Library. I will use the PC in class.  Students find it useful to run these off before class and add whatever notes are appropriate on the file.  This should make your task easier.  These materials are meant to be an outline not a complete set of notes for this class  These materials are testable as well as the readings from the textbook.


I consider attendance to be an important part of this course.  Excessive absences will be penalized.  Students who miss more than 2 classes for any reason will be penalized one half of a letter grade (25 points); students who miss more than 4 classes will be penalized one letter grade (50 points). This policy will be strictly enforced.

Required Textbook

H. J. de Blij and Peter O. Muller. 
Geography: Realms, Regions and Concepts
14th Ed. 2009

Course Outline

Aug 30

Introduction to the Course



Sept 1

Introduction to World Regional Geography (1)            


DeBlij pgs. 3-45



Sept 6-13

Europe (3)            


 DeBlij  Chpt 1, pgs.49-105



Sept 15

First Examination



Sept 20-22

Russia  and Central Asia (2)            


DeBlij Chpt 2, pgs 106-149



Sept 27- Oct 4

Central  America and South America (4)               


DeBlij  Chpt 4, pgs. 204-287



Oct 6

Second Examination



Oct 11-18

Sub-Saharan Africa (2)                     


 DeBlij Chpt 6, pgs. 288-341



Oct 20- Nov 1

North Africa and Southwest Asia(4)


 DeBlij Chpt 7, pgs 342-399

Nov 3-8

South Asia (2)


 DeBlij Chpt 8, pgs. 400-449



Nov 10

Third Examination



Nov 15-22

East Asia  (3)       


 DeBlij Chpt 9, pgs 450-521.





Nov 29-Dec 1

Southeast Asia (2)


 DeBlij Chpt 10, pgs 522-569.



Dec 6-8

Australia / New Zealand / Pacific Is. (2)               

DeBlij Chpts 11-12, pgs 570-604




Final Examination--- Thurs 12/15 @ 8 am