Donald D. Conant, Ph.D.


School of Business

  Courses Dr. Conant teaches  
    BA302 Applied Quantitative Mgt  
    BA435 Corporate Finance  
    MBA605 Adv Quant Methods  
    MBA623 Mgt Info Systems  
    MBA631 Operations Mgt  
    MBA695 Leadership and Change  
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  Office: Old Main 376  


  Don, Jayda, Juni, and Emi  
  Dr. Conant's class schedule and office hours for Spring 2015  
  Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday  
  1:00   BA435/ACC395   BA435/ACC395    
  2:00 BA302 HH109 O'Grady LIBML BA302 HH109 O'Grady LIBML    
  3:00   Office hours   Office hours    
  4:00   Office hours   Office hours    
  5:00   Office hours   Office hours    
  6:00   Office hours   Office hours    
  7:00   Office hours   Office hours    
  8:00   MBA605 (7:50)   MBA605 (7:50)    
  9:00   Harned Hall 109   Harned Hall 109    
Updated January 5, 2015. May change without notice.