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Here you will find information about the courses Dr. Conant teaches in the School of Business at Saint Martin's University in Lacey, Washington

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  Dr. Conant has a PhD in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. He has taught at Saint Martin's University since 2003. He is the SMU MBA program director and serves as General Manager of a local steel products manufacturing company.

Prior to coming to Saint Martin's Dr. Conant worked for 10 years in Europe in both the profit and non-profit sectors. He was an adjunct lecturer for eight of those years at what is now a college of the Free University of Amsterdam.

Dr. Conant is a member of the Washington State Health Benefit Exchange Board. He remains involved in state and local business issues through membership in the Association of Washington Business where he serves as Board member, Executive Committee member, and chairperson of the Health Care Reform Committee.

He teaches the following courses at Saint Martin's.

BA 350 Business and Society (3)
Students gain an understanding of the interrelationships between business decisions and society's goals.
BA 435 Corporate Finance (3)
Develops analytical and decision-making skills in analyzing and solving complex financial problems facing organizations.
MBA 605 Business Analytics (3)
This course covers concepts of statistical decision theory, sampling, forecasting, linear programming and other stochastic and deterministic models applied to managerial problems.
MBA 610 Seminar in Research Methods (3)
This course provides detailed instruction regarding the preparation of the proposal for the master's thesis or project.
MBA 623 Information Management and Control Systems (3)
This course introduces students to the digital firm. Information systems knowledge is essential for creating competitive firms, managing global corporations, and providing useful products and services to customers.
MBA 630  Entrepreneurship (3)
This course provides a framework for understanding human and organizational issues underlying creative and entrepreneurial success..
MBA 631 Operations Management (3)
This course is an intensive study of strategies employed in the design and operation of all processes required for the production of goods and delivery of services.

MBA 695a Public/Private Sector Leadership and Change (3)

This course explores the social, cultural, organizational, and personal attributes used to lead, innovate, and bring change in public and private organizations.