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St. Martin's College




Author              Title                                                      Issue


910                   Elementary Switching    10(4):9

999, The           High School Hacking     10(2):13

Abuse, Dr.        Magnetic Strips 8(2):7

Advocate, The Devil's   Product Review: Do It Yourself Demon Dialer Kit  9(2):15

Advocate, The Devil's   Review: The Hacker Crackdown           9(3)21

Advocate, The Devil's   Review: Hacker: The Computer Crime Card Game         9(1):36

Advocate, The Devil's   When Hackers Ride Horses: A Review of Cyberpunk     8(2):42

Advocate, The Devil's   USPS Hacking  8(3):32

Agent 003, Boic            Hacking Packard           2(3):20

Agent 04, Phucked        Outside Loop Distribution Plant, or Hands-On Experience            5(3):4

Agranoff, Mike The Ballad of Captain Crunch    4(3):4

America, Mainstream    More VAX Tricks         4(5):4

Anonymous       ANALYSIS: Gulf War Printer Virus      8(4):39

Anonymous       Death of NYNEX Business Centers       8(2):11

Aristotle            Voice Mail Hacking...NYNEX Style      6(3):36

B/Square & Mr. Upsetter  Building a DTMF Decoder     7(1):14

Baalzebub         Violating A VAX          3(7):49

Bard, The         High School Mac Hack  10(4):15

Bayonet            Getting Your File...        10(1):42

Benedict, W. Ritchie      Book Review: The Devouring Fungus     9(2):40

Benedict, W. Ritchie      Book Review: Virtual Reality     10(4):37

Billsf                 True Colors       10(3):9

Billsf                 Hitchhiker Guide to the Phone System Phreaking in the Nineties  9(2):10

Bluebox, Mark  The Truth Behind Those 9999 Numbers  1(1):4

Bootleg             Cellular Magic   10(1):4

Bruce, Peter     Spanish Phones--and what they don't do 6(2):36

Buggy, Orson    Banking from your Terminal--A Look at PRONTO         2(7):42

Caller, Midnight The Australian Phone System    9(1):31

Capone, Al        Hacking on the Front Line          9(3):31

Catalyst            Cheshire           Hacking PC Pursuit       4(4):6

Catalyst            Cheshire           TAP: The Legend is Dead         4(1):4

Check, Parity    Meeting Advice 10(2):16

City, New Hack            The New LEC Order: Acronym City     8(1):42

Clayton, Noah   Converting a Tone Dialer into a Red Box            7(3):32

Crazed Luddite & Murdering Thug K001/Ra       An Algorithm for Credit Cards   7(3):42

Cruise-CTRL    An Overview of DSS1   10(3):36

DC                   More Conversion Tricks            8(3):43

Delam, Dr.        Virus Scanners Exposed            9(1):9

Delam, Dr.        Defeating Callback Verification  9(3):9

Dobbs,  J.R. "Bob"         Building a Red Box        5(2):13


Dragon The      Trashing: America's Source For Information       3(10):73

Drake   John     England's Mass Announcements            4(9):10

Drake   John     A Trip to England          3(8):58

Drake   John     Book Review Nothing New in Computer Underground by M. Harry         3(6):42

Drake   John     An Interview with Hugo Cornwall: British Hacker/Author            4(2):4

Drake,  John     An Interview With the Chaos Computer Club      5(4):34

Drewl/Salivate              Changing Your Grades on A High School Computer        10(3):34

Dust                 Crypt() Source Code     8(4):11

Dutton  Roland  "Book Review: ""The Hacker's Handbook"""       4(2):15

Echo                 Acronyms A-G 10(1):34

Echo                 Acronyms s-x (no y or z)           10(3):44

Echo                 Acronyms H-R 10(2):20

Esper                Mobile Frequencies       8(4):18

Estev    Paul G. People Express to be Hacked to Pieces  2(5):25

Estev,   Paul      Reviews: The 1989 Pirate Directory       6(2):42

Eye      Roving  Birth of a Low Technology Hacker        8(4):16

Eye      Roving  Growth of a Low Tech Hacker  9(4):17

Fed       The      The View of A Fed       9(2):38

Fellpe Rodriquez &        Rop Gonggrijp   Stuff You Should Be Interested In~        8(4):8

Firemonger                   Surveying the COSMOS            2(2):8

Foley    Dan      The Telecom Informer   4(6):8

Foley    Dan      The Telecom Informer   4(3):8

Foley    Dan      The Telecom Informer   4(4):8

Foley    Dan      The Telecom Informer   4(2):8

Foley    Dan      The Telecom Informer   4(1):8

Freeman           John     The Telecom Informer   4(5):8

Fresco  Al         The Telecom Informer   4(9):8

Frosty of the GCMS                  Fascinating fone fun      9(1):45

Frosty of the GCMS                  A Batch Virus   9(1):8

FyberLyte                     The Magical Tone Box  10(4):22

G.R.A.S.P.,      Crisp    A Guide to the 5ESS      10(2):4

Galaxy, Mister   ANSI Bomb      10(2):44

Gam,    Tamlyn Silver Box Born in U.K. 7(1):19

Gamma Bob      Are You a Phreak???    2(3):13

Gerard  Judas    More Cellular Fun         10(3):42

Glitch,   The      Cellular Update 5(3):8

Goldstein                       The Telecom Informer   4(7):8

Goldstein           Emmanuel         A Pen Register For Phreaks?: Product Review--Dialed Number Recorder           4(5):22

Goldstein                       The Telecom Informer   4(10):8

Goldstein                       The Telecom Informer   4(8):8

Goldstein           Emmanuel         "FBI Revealed: Reviews--""The FBI Project Newsletter"" & ""The FBI and Your BBS""" 4(8):9

Goldstein           Emmanuel         Never Erase the Past    10(3):19

Goldstein,          Emmanuel         Review: Sneakers          9(3):17

Goldstein,          Emmanuel         The Scoop on 911          7(1):37

Goldstein,          Emmanuel         "The New ""TAP"""      6(2):43

Goldstein,          Emmanuel         Video Review: Assorted Videos 10(2):40

Goldstein,          Emmanuel         New Revelations From Bell South          7(3):16

Grapefruit,        Rancid  A Reader's Reply to Captain Zap           5(2):16

Gray,    Jeff      WORM            6(2):38

Greek   The      International NUA's      4(10):10

Greek   The      South African BBS's     4(10):11

Greenberg         Ross M.            A Form of Protection For You and Your Computer         5(2):4

Guru,    VM      VM/CMS Corrections   5(1):8

Guy      The GCI           Trashing Alaska Style    2(2):8

Hackers            Legion of          Telenet Addresses         4(5):10

Hank@Taunivm.Bitnet              Worldnet: Getting Closer Every Day       4(9):4

Hibbert,            Chris    Protecting Your SSN     8(3):18

Hobbit  The      Getting the Most Out of Equal Access    4(3):6

Holmes Chester An American Express Phone Story        3(3):17

Holmes Chester The Free Phones of Philly          3(7):50

Howard                        The Infinity Transmitter--An Old Bug that Had Its Time  2(9):58

Icom     Mr.       "A Review of ""The 'Top Secret' Registry of US Governemt Radio Frequencies"  4(11):7

Inconnu,            Les       Product Review: TDD-8 DTMF Decoder           10(2):14

Infidel,  The      How Payphones Really Work    6(1):30

Infidel,  The      REMOBS         6(3):32

Infidel,  The      UNIX Password Hacker           8(1):31

Infidel,  The      Exchange List: 201 Area Code   6(2):20

Infiltrator                      A Simple Virus in C       9(3):19

Jaffee,  Walter S.          Hacking Computer Shows          10(4):16

Jockey  Disk     US Social Security Prefixes       4(11):6

Jockey, Keyboard          UNIX Password Hacker: An Alternative Approach        9(1):18

Judicator of D.C.                       More Meeting Advice    10(4):35

Kevin               Internet Outdials            8(1):40

Kid,      the & Co.         How to Get into a C.O.  2(3):14

Kid, the & Co.              Knowing UNIX 3(8):57

Kid, The & Co.             Some Facts on Supervision         3(9):65

Kingpin 617 & RDT Syndicate   Cellular Phone Biopsy    10(4):6

Knight,  Red      More On Hacking UNIX           6(4):4

Knight,  The Dark          British News     10(1):44

Knight,  Red      A Hacker's Guide to UNIX        5(4):12

Kurtz,   Colonel Walter E.          Class Features  8(4):31

Lineman           The      Phoning Home From Europe      4(5):9

Lurch               The 707 Area Code       7(1):44

Luthor  Lex      The History of ESS       2(11):74

Luthor  Lex      Telenet Directory          2(9):61

Luthor  Lex & The LOD           History of British Phreaking       1(9):49

Luthor,  Lex      Where One Hacker Went (L)    8(3):24

Luthor, Lex       & The LOD      Fun With COSMOS      2(12):82

Luthor, Lex       & the Legion of Doom   More Info on VMS        2(10):66

Luthor, Lex       & The Legionof Hackers           Hacking IBM's VM/CMS--Part Two     4(12):4

Luthor, Lex       & The L.O.D.   Final Words on VMS     3(3):18

Luthor, Lex       & The L.O.D.   A Guide to VMS           2(9):57

Luthor, Lex       & The Legionof Hackers           Hacking IBM's VM/CMS          4(11):4

Luthor, Lex       & The Legion of Doom/H          VMS--The Series Continues      3(2):9

Mac+               New York's IMAS        4(10):4

MAD!              Death of a Pay Phone   3(10):73

Man     Swinging           Hacking AmiExpress     9(3):4

Marauder          The      RSTS For Beginners      3(4):25

Marauder, The  & The L.O.D.   A HAcker's Guide to the TSPS Console 4(6):6

Marauder, The  Phoneline Phantoms      RSTS: A Trick Or Two 2(11):73

Master  LNA    Listening In: Catch Me if you Can!         4(11):7

MechWariors    GCMS  U. S. Secret Service Field Offices          9(4):12

Menace            Hyperborean     Caller ID Technologies  10(3):12

Meyer, Gordon &          Jim Thomas      The Neidorf/Phrack Trial: Day by Day   7(2):4

Micro Surgeon /            West Coast Phreaks      Punching Pay Phones    6(3):37

Mitnick,            Kevin   Pure Cyberfiction, Says Mitnick 8(2):42

Mitnick,            Kevin   Looking Up IBM Passwords      8(1):36

Mole     The      Stumbling into Control on a VMS            4(1):6

Monk,   The      How to Take Apart A Payphone            9(1):20

Moon    Electric A True Saga of Teleconferencing           1(4):4

Mouse, MCI     Hacking MCIMAX       8(2):16

Murphy Dan      Review: CO Magazine   4(9):22

Nathan, Paco Xander     Secret Service on Trial  10(1):18

Neidorf,            Craig    An Appeal For Help      8(4):36

Neidorf,            Craig    The Terminus of Len Rose        8(1):11

NeurAlien                     Beginner's Guide to Minitel        9(4):8

Overlord,          Dark     Lair of the INTERNET Worm   6(3):39

P.,        Larry    The Sprint Gestapo Strikes Again!          6(2):34

Page,    Bob      A Report on the Internet Worm  5(4):4

Panda,  Paranoid           In Pursuit of Knowledge: An Atari 520ST Virus  8(1):4

Panda,  Paranoid           An MS-DOS Virus        9(1):4

Phoenix,            The      Beige Box Construction 10(1):14

Phorester,         Dr. Clayton       Descrambling Cable      10(1):16

Phreak  Nynex  Numbers of Interest      4(8):6

Phreak, The Alaskan     (TAP)  Exploits in Operator Hell            3(5):33

Phreaker           Lord     "Book Review: ""Automatic Teller Machines III"""          4(2):21

Phreaker           Cray-Z Product Review: Speach Thing   9(4):45

Phreaker           Lord     An Interesting Diversion            2(10):65

Phreaker, Phantom &    Doom Prophet & LOD! Toll Fraud Detection Techniques            7(1):12

Plague  The      The Dark Side of Viruses          5(2):8

Plague, The      "Grade ""A"" Hacking"   6(3):4

Plague, The      NYNEX Data   6(4):9

Plague, The      UAPC Update  6(4):45

Plague, The      An Introduction to COCOTS      7(2):20

Plann,   Marshall           Useful UNIX Programs 8(3):44

Prefect,            Phord   Getting Started  9(3):42

PW                  Human Database Centers          8(4):46

"Q",                  The      The Secrets of Mizar     7(1):8

Rabbit   Peter    Cipher Fun        9(4):6

Ranger Night    Voice Mail Hacking       9(2):42

Ranger Forest   Reaching Out On Your Own      2(9):58

Rat,      Tech     Hacking Smartphone     10(4):11

Rebel                Know Your Switch        10(4):10

Reisman           Bruce   Telephone Company Responds to Criticism of Touch-tone Fees   4(10):7

Researcher       The      Mobile Phones--Theory and Construction            3(4):26

Resz     Stepher J.         Book Review: Approaching Zero            10(3):38

RNOC, Bill From          Legion of Doom            Still More on the World of COSMOS      4(3):10

Rocker The Veteran Cosmic     Saudi Arabian BBS List 4(7):21

Rome   Hal from           Roman Hackers            4(12):18

Runner, Net       Outdials            8(2):44

S.         Bernie  How the Defeat *69      9(2):31

S.         Bernie  AT&T Sub Maps          4(8):11

S.         Bernie  FAX: A New Hobby     4(5):14

S.         Bernie  Paging For Free            4(6):5

S.         Bernie  Cellular Phone Fraud and Where It's Headed      4(7):4

S.,        Bernie  Secret Frequencies        8(2):32

Salerno Mike     Getting In The Back Door: A Guide to Some Popular Operating Systems  2(1):2

Scannon,           Lou      Book Review: Tune in on Telephone Calls by Tom Kneitel           5(4):45

Scientist,           Mad     How to Use Your Silver Box     9(1):16

Severence         No        How Phone Phreaks are Caught            4(7):6

Shadow            The Knights of  Interesting Things to do on a DEC-20     2(7):41

Shadow            The      Wiretapping and Divestiture: A Lineman Speaks Out       2(1):1

Shadow            The      How to Run a Successful Teleconference           2(5):26

Shadow            The      Test Numbers   2(11):77

Shadow            The      "Equal Access May Not be ""Equal"" to Modems"           2(11):74

Skinner,            Scott     One Angry Judge          10(1):23

Skinner, Scott &            Emmanuel Goldstein      Simplex Locks   8(3):6

Solomenko,       E.         What it's Like to be a Soviet Operator    5(4):30

Source, U. R,    How to Hack Honesty   10(3):20

Staff                 The Telecom Informer   4(11):8

Statton, Scott     Ever Wonder Who Owns All Those 800 Numbers?         6(1):12

Steal,    Agent   Central Office Operations          7(4):12

Strowger,          Almon, Jr.         Who the Hell was Almon Strowger, Anyway?    5(3):9

Switchman        Silent    And They Call US Crooks?        2(10):65

Switchman        Silent    Here's the Secret!         2(11):73

Taylor   Dave    Social Interaction with Phones    4(12):17

TELEgodzilla                Our Contest Winners     7(4):32

The Kid & Co. &          The Shadow      More on Trashing: What to Look for, How to Act, Where to Go.  1(9):50

"The Snake",     Jake     Caller ID: The Facts      7(3):5

Thunder,           Lord     Defeating Trap Tracing 7(3):22

Toad     Texas   Capturing Passwords     4(8):10

Tommy             BASIC Red Box Tones 5(3):22

Tommy             Ccanadian WATS Phonebook    5(3):23

Upsetter,           Mr.       Build A Tone Tracer     8(2):14

Upsetter,           Mr.       Listening In       7(1):19

Upsetter,           Mr.       Scanning For Calls         6(2):22

Upsetter,           Mr.       How to Build a Silver Box          6(4):20

Valve   Rex      TRW Credentials Lack Credibility          4(8):4

Velcro, Romula Meeting Advice 10(2):17

Videosmith        The      CLASS: What It Means To Us  4(5):6

Violence                       A Guide to PRIMOS     6(2):4

Violence                       PRIMOS: The Final Part           7(2):14

Violence                       More Hacking on Primos           6(4):14

William Sir        Some Cosmos Documentation That May Be Useful        4(2):6

Williams,           Dr.       Tips On Trashing           6(2):32

Williams,           Dr.       Hardwiring Your Way In           5(4):42

Williams,           Dr.       An Interview with Dorothy Denning       7(3):10

Williams, Dr.     Book Review: The Cuckoo's Egg  7(1):45

Williams,           Dr.       A Study of Hackers       10(1):38

Wintermute                   Operating With Difficulty           4(9):6

Wood   Jim       The Early Phreak Days 2(11):80

Woodstein,        Condor Psychology in the Hacker World            8(3):38

X          Alien    A Way To Catch Peepers          9(1):35

Yuhas   Mike     Allnet: A Horror Story   4(6):4

Zap      Captain An Interpretation of Computer Hacking  5(1):16

Zee      Charlie  Trouble in the White House        10(1):12

Zero,    Count   Toll Fraud: What the Big Boys are Nervous About          9(3):43

Zero,    Count   Shopper's Guide to COCOTS     9(3):13