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These links are to webpages which other people have created and like most things on the net, they run the entire spectrum of political thought and vary greatly in quality. Nonetheless, they do provide web- surfers with some interesting views and information on the Cold War and the National Security State.

Some Cold War Web Resources

new Scanned FOIA Anthropology Documents

About this page and what I'm up to.

I'm an anthropologist who is using the Freedom of Information Act, archival sources and interviews to write an historical account of the influences of the Cold War on American anthropology. This is a broad project and examines a variety of interactions between anthropologists and organizations such as the CIA, FBI, NSA, OSS and other governmental agencies. I've helped organize and been involved in a number of sessions devoted to examining the impact of the Cold War and American Anthropology at the annual meetings of the American Anthropological Association.  I've authored a number of papers discussing various ways that American anthropology has interacted with the National Security State.  To read some of these papers, and to find citations of this work please go to my Cold War Research & Publications Page. One piece of residual slag from this Cold War research is the creation of an index of obituaries of American anthropologists[this currently has some format problems I'm working on fixing], that is available here online.

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