Scanned FOIA Documents: Anthropology

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I'm trying to scan and add a few documents to this page each month. Only a few of the first links are now up and running, but this should change in the next few weeks….this really is a work in progress at this point. Sorry. -David Oct. 14, 1996

Here are some scanned documents released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Some of these are a bit fuzzy and hard to read, but if you can make them out, they are worth your effort. Over the summer I plan on scanning and posting a few dozen more documents.

"The Central Intelligence Agency has long-developed clandestine relationships with the American academic community, which range from academics making introductions for intelligence purposes to intelligence collection while abroad, to academic research and writing where CIA sponsorship is hidden." ---Final Report of the Church Committee (1976 1:181).