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"Since historical memory is one of the weapons against abuse and power, there is no question why those who have power create a 'desert of organized forgetting.' But why should those who have been the victims sometimes act as if they, too, had forgotten?" --Sigmund Diamond 

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Cold war anthropology

These articles and chapters in collected volumes mostly examine a variety of relationships between American anthropology and military and intelligence agencies during the Cold War; some articles examine other elements of Cold War Culture.  These relationships include instances where American anthropologists were: monitored and harassed by the FBI, unwittingly funded by the CIA, knowingly worked with and for the CIA, and shifted research questions to align with needs of the Cold War's National Security State. 

My approach to the fundamental two divergent roles played by American anthropologists during the Cold War is found in my 1998 "Cold War Anthropology: Collaborators and Victims of the National Security State" article.  Both of these relationships are examined in other articles, and anthropologists' clashes with McCarthyism and the FBI are documented in Threatening Anthropology.   I am currently working on a large book manuscript documenting the many witting and unwitting roles played by anthropologists during the Cold War at the CIA, Pentagon, FBI and other governmental agencies.

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