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MEM 612 - Project Management

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Lecture notes

INSTRUCTOR:  Donald E. Stout, Jr.

Office phone:  360.438.4587


Web site:

Office hours:  Room 370 "Old Main". Come by my office or call if you need assistance. I'll make arrangements to get together with you.

REQUIRED TEXT:  Mantel, Meredith, Shafer, and Sutton. Core Concepts: Project Management in Practice, 2e, Wiley and Sons, Inc., 2005.


Project Management Institute, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, Third Edition, PMI, 2004.

Various Harvard Business Review, Harvard Management Update, Project Management Journal, Cost Engineering, and PM Network articles. A complete collection of journals is available in the periodical section of O'Grady Library or in the library's online databases. If going to the library is not your "thing", you may purchase downloadable copies of assigned readings from Harvard Business Review online. See the course schedule for specific article details.


"Intensive coverage of management in a wide range of project applications from concept through operations. Planning, scheduling, controlling, economic analysis, quality control and customer satisfaction are stressed in this course". Saint Martin's University Academic Catalog 2006-2007.


Provide students with a basic understanding of project management principles and practices.

Increase the student's ability to function effectively on a project team.

Increase the student's ability to function effectively as a project manager.

Improve the student's ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.


The class sessions will be a combination of lectures, seminars, student presentations, interactive exercises, and discussion. You are responsible for reviewing the attached class schedule and completing the assigned readings, homework problems, project tasks, and case analyses.


Essential - the seminar approach we’ll follow requires your presence and active participation during each class period. Classroom discussion - sharing your ideas and work history with your peers - is central to your learning experience in this course.


Your grade in this course will be determined by both individual and group activities. Your grade will be determined by your performance in the following areas:

Examinations: (30%) Points will be split between a midterm examination and a final examination. A comprehensive final examination which may include a presentation component will be administered during the last class session.

Quizzes: (5%) Unannounced quizzes (5%) on reading assignments and problems may be given periodically. Quizzes will be made up of questions and problems taken from lecture material, case readings, assigned readings and the text.

Participation: (10%) I recommend you come to each class session. I appreciate your presence and active participation during each class period. Your willingness to share your personal work experiences and insights enhances course value for all students.

While I take daily attendance, attendance is not mandatory in the same manner as passing the exams, reading the course material, and doing the homework is not mandatory. But, if you miss a class, it may be the class I hand out a pop quiz or we complete a graded in-class assignment. Missed quizzes and assignments earn scores of 0.

Case analysis and presentation: (30%) You will earn a grade based on the quality of your oral presentation and the quality of your case write-up.

Case oral presentation and write-up guidelines:  You are to become the class "expert" on your assigned case study.  You should:

Know the case.
Do outside research.
Fully explain the case to the class. Provide sufficient background information to fully inform an "uninformed" audience.
Assume the audience is "the decision maker".
Formulate appropriate alternative courses of action.
Offer your "expert" opinion and recommendation for solution.

Your case write-up should include an introduction, statement of the problem, analysis and discussion, and a conclusion. (You need not explicitly answer the case study questions.)

Homework: (10%) Homework assignments and their due dates are indicated on the course schedule.  Homework submitted past the scheduled due date will be downgraded for lateness.  Therefore, if you must be absent, submit your homework early.  Please submit all homework typewritten.

Presentations: (10%) I will ask you to make one additional presentation over the course of the semester. The purpose of the individual presentations is to inform your classmates about a specific project management subject area. They are also intended to give you an opportunity to further improve your oral presentation skills. Check the schedule for subject matter and dates.

Journal article review: (5%) You will be required to review one article of your choosing found in the Project Management Journal. You will write and submit a one-page review and recommendation of the article. Your review and recommendation MUST not exceed one page. You should model your article review after articles found in Choice : Publication of the Association of College and Research Libraries, a Division of the American Library Association.

Keeping in touch with me:  First, ask questions in class (it helps you and may help others).  Alternatively, visit me during my posted office hours. Slide a note under my office door ("Old Main" room 370).  Call me (360 438-4587).  Or, send me an email (

Special assistance: The Learning Center offers individual learning consultations, study group assistance, handouts and books on study skills, and free peer tutoring in the following subject areas: math, chemistry, physics, economics, accounting, Spanish, French, and Japanese.  The tutoring schedules are posted outside the door in Old Main, room 212. To learn more about resources available through the Learning Center you are encouraged to drop by room 208 or visit their website:

Special needs:  If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability, if you have medical and/or safety concerns to share with me, or if you need special arrangements in case the building must be evacuated, please make an appointment with me as soon as possible.

Contact information:

Room 370 "Old Main"



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