Fables By George

Here you'll find favorite fables and quite possibly a new favorite!

Actor Prince, The

Baby Beauty Contest

Bad News

Caesar's Wife


Cat With a Crooked Tail

Different Current

Dog With and Without Fleas, The

Dragon and the Princess, The

Dragon Named George, The

English Teachers

Family Tree, The

Future, The

Government Work

Highwayman and The
Merchant's Daughter, The

Hypochondriac Crow, The

Italian Painters

King's Gout, The

Lady Alchemist, The

Late Bird, The

Leaky Dams

Lost and Found

Love At First Squeeze

New Car, The

Professional Meetings


River Rafting

Sewing Circle

Sly Old Fox, The

Square Zero

Student Prince, The

Troll And The
Leprechaun, The

Trumpeter, The

Turkey Day

Unhappy Jester, The

Worrisome King

The Christmas Fables


Carolers, The

Christmas Play I, The

Christmas Play II, The

Day Before Christmas, The

Relics, The 
(Read at the Faculty/Staff Christmas
    Party 2002)


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