Saint Martin's University Biology Journal:  This journal contains all final research papers for students enrolled in Bio401/402 Senior Seminar I and II.  Bio401 and Bio402 provide the year-long capstone research project required of each biology major at Saint Martin's.  The first semester is spent developing a topic, reviewing related scientific literature, writing a detailed research proposal, getting Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval when appropriate, and giving a presentation on the proposed project to peers.  The second semester is spent preparing materials, conducting experiments, collecting data, statistically analyzing the data, writing a formal research paper, and giving a formal research presentation to peers and the Saint Martinís Community.  These papers have been reviewed by supervising faculty and senior seminar students.

Saint Martin's University Biology Journal.  May 2006.  Volume 1.

Saint Martin's University Biology Journal.  May 2007.  Volume II.

Saint Martin's University Biology Journal.  May 2008.  Volume III.



Biology Lab Exercises:  Here are links to introductory biology lab exercises suitable for three-hour labs for both biology majors and non-biology majors. 

Biology Majors Labs I:  organismal, ecology, and evolution labs

Biology Majors Labs II:  cell, molecular, and genetics labs

Non-majors Biology Labs Semester I

Non-majors Biology Labs Semester II