One Rule, Many Men: The Monks of Saint Martin's Abbey

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Saint Martin's University

Beginnings... Decisions... Journeys:

A group of students in a writing class at Saint Martinís University took on the mission to interview and write essays   about the Benedictine monks who live at the Saint Martinís Abbey, a monastery on the university campus. The students   wanted to learn more about the men who live in the abbey that is located yards from the main campus building.  Completing all essays in the collection became a three-year project of multiple classes and eventually involved twenty-   five monks, three faculty, and seventeen undergraduate students of all class ranks, freshman to senior, many with jobs   and other extracurricular activities beyond their full-time academic schedules.  Two student writers led the project:   Education major Stacey Larson who shepherded the first groups in the initial stages, and English major Katie Hawkins,   leading the last group to finish remaining essays and edit the collection for final production.

As they heard and shaped into essays the life stories of the monks, the student writers dreamed of publication. One Rule,  Many Men: The Monks of Saint Martinís Abbey is the result of that dream and their labor. The essay collection recounts   monksí stories about families, friends, and life events, stories that bear witness to the defining moments in their lives,   including their decision to join the monastic life.  Their journeys of discovery and spirituality, their reflections and   musings, are inspiring accounts of religious faith that uncover the wealth of wisdom, experience, and diversity within   their community and within the Benedictine monastic spirit.

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