Saint Martin’s College
Business  Examination Format
Prof. Patterson

            This sample examination is provided to illustrate the midterm and final examination format you will have in my classes.  Please note that the text materials not covered during lecture should not be considered of less importance.  Examination questions will be based on assignments, lectures, cases and the text. Not all sectional formats may be used on any one examination.

Suggested Review Strategy:

        Wherever possible, I will attempt to review key points and issues prior to the examination.  By nature of the materials presented, examinations will be comprehensive in nature. However, emphasis will be placed on the materials covered since the last examination.  Review class notes, read chapter summaries, then review chapter details.  Be sure you know the “big picture” and how it all fits together so far.

Examination Example:

        This examination will emphasize text materials as listed on the class schedule, materials distributed in class and lecture materials through (date given).  Write all answers clearly using correct grammar. Legibility is a requirement. 

        If you do not understand the question, or your answer could be interpreted several ways, circle the question and on the reverse side of the page, indicate the question number, rewrite the question and answer it.  The credit you will receive will be based on question applicability to the original question and your answer.  This examination is worth (point total given).  Point values are assigned to each question section. 

        You are advised to read the entire examination first, as some later section may help in answering a previous question.  Answer easy questions first, then go back to those requiring more thought.  On true/false and multiple choice questions, there is no additional penalty for guessing. 

Section A:  True/False.  Circle either “True” or “False” for each of the below questions. 

       Total Points:  (Section A point total given) 

  1. True/ False       The major marketing research issue surrounding the spectacular

failure of Coca Cola’s introduction of “New Coke” was the failure

of Coke executives to  define the correct research question

regarding “Classic Coke” its competitor, Pepsi. 

      2.  True/ False        “Push Promotion”, is where a company uses media advertising

 directed at customers to increase their product sales. 

  1. True/ False       Marketing differs from sales in that its main objective is to create

profits through customer satisfaction. 

Section B:  Multiple Choice.  Circle the letter of the answer that is most correct.

                  Total points:  (points given) 

  1. Marketing Information Systems (MIS) has as its primary objective support for marketing management decision making.  Which of the below sources of information would be least costly for the MIS department to obtain and be most reliable as well?
    1. professional subscription services such as Nielson audits
    2. company sales reports and net profit summaries
    3. company primary research projects
    4. consultant generated secondary research
    5. none of the above

Section C:  Complete the sentence.  Enter the word(s) as required.  Total Points (given)

  1. The five “P’s” of the marketing mix are:

1. P________  2.P___________ 3.P____________ 4.P_________ 5.P________ 

  1. The two broad categories of market research are:

P____________ research and   S______________ research 

Section D:  Short Essay Questions:  Please place your name on a separate piece of paper and using correct grammar, answer the following questions in as few words as possible.  Total Points: (points given) 

  1. If is often said by savvy marketers, that “Price” is the most critical “P” of the marketing mix.  Please define what is meant by the term “Price” as used by marketers and why it is often considered the most critical element in the marketing mix.