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HIS 217
History of Chinese and Japanese Civilization

Lecture Outlines


I.  Geographical Setting of Chinese History

II.  Birth of Chinese Civilization- Xia, Shang, and Early Zhou  Dynasties 

III.  Golden Age of Chinese Philosophy

IV.  Formation of the Chinese Empire- Qin and Han Dynasties

V.  Political Disintegration Barbarian Invasions-
      Three Kingdoms Six Dynasties

VI.  Reunification and Regeneration of Empire-Sui and Tang

VII.  Political Weakness and Cultural Splendor- the Two Song  Dynasties

VIII.  China Under Mongol Rule: the Yuan Dynasty

IX.  State and Society Under the Ming Dynasty

X.  Traditional China Under Manchu Rule

XI.  Coming of the Europeans

XII.  Invasion and Rebellion in China    

XIII.  Heyday of Western Imperialism in China    

XIV.  Reform, Rebellion, and the Demise of the Qing Dynasty      

XV.  From Revolution to Warlordism in China

XVI.  Rise and Decline of Nationalist China    

XVII.  Chinese Communist Party and the Rise of Mao


I.  Geographical Foundations of Japan

II.  Tokugawa Japan: A Centralized Feudal State

III.  Japan's Response to the West     

IV.  Meiji Restoration Part 1    

 V.  Meiji Restoration Part 2             

VI.  Imperial Japan: Democracy and Militarism 



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