VI.    Reunification and Regeneration of the Empire- 
     Sui Dynasty 581-617 AD and Tang Dynasty 617-906 AD

       A.      Sui Dynasty
        B.     Establishment of the Tang Dynasty
     C.     Institutional Foundation of Tang Central Government
                 1.    Central Government
                            a.  Imperial Secretary
                            b.  Imperial  Chancellery
                            c.  Secretary for State Affairs
                            d.  Council of State
                            e.  Censorate
                 2.    Capital City of Changan
                    3.    Examination System

Economic Policies and Problems
                    5.    Military System
     D.     Collapse and Reform of Middle Tang
                    1.    Breakdown of the Tax System
                    2.    Factional Struggles
                    3.    Defeat at Home and Abroad
     E.     Empire After An Luishan's Rebellion
F.     End of Tang Dynasty- Rebellion of Huang Chao
        G.    Tang Poetry and Painting


Sui Wendi (Sui Wen Ti)
ui Yangdi (Sui Yang Ti)
Grand Canal
Gaozu (Kao Tsu)
Lishimin or Tang Taizong 
(Tang Tai-tsung)
Gaozong (Tang Kao-tsung)
Tarim Basin

Wu Zhao (Empress Wu)
Three Dukes
Imperial Secretary
Imperial Chancellery
Secretariat of State Affairs
Council of State

Chang-an (Xian today)
Examination system
jinshi degree (chin shih degree)
juntian(equal field system)
fuping (militia system)
Xuanzong (Hsuan tsung)
Yang Gueifei
(Yang Kui-fei)
An Lushan
(An Lu-shan)
fuping (militia system)

Double Tax
Wang Xianzhi
Huang chao

Zhao Kuangyin (Chao K'uang-yin)
Li Bo
(Li Po)
Du Fu
(Tu Fu)
Bai Juyi
(Po Chu-yi)