SMC Model Arab League

Model Arab League is a student club dedicated to expanding our knowledge and understanding of the culture, history and politics of the Middle East.  According to our Charter, the purpose of MAL is "to further the understanding of Arabic peoples, cultures and governments through competition and participation in Model Arab League conferences and related activities."

Students represent one of the countries in the Arab League, attempt to learn the countries policies on a wide variety of political and security issues, economic, social and humanitarian issues.  the main event of MAL is our annual participation in Northwest Model of the League of Arab States.

Saint Martin's College sends a delegation to this conference every Spring semester.  the MAL Club is open to all SMC students, regardless of your major.  MAL gives students the opportunity to learn about current world issues by engaging in research, discussion and debate.  Students will not only learn more about world events, but also improve their speaking, researching and interpersonal skills.

Lat year the club represented Saudi Arabia at the Northwest Regional Model Arab League hosted by Portland State University.  The delegation shared the award for best delegation with Shoreline Community College.  Individual SMC students won awards for outstanding delegates in every committee.

This year the club will be lead by Andrew Sirianni.  The annual conference will be hosted by Pacific University in Oregon.

For information on the Model Arab League Club, call Dr. Richard  Langill at x-4588 (

For students who are interested in learning more about Arabic lands, both for preparation for the mal or just for general knowledge, here are some good sites to visit.

For general news sources:

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News from the Middle East:

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Saudi Arabia:



Human rights:


Specific Topics:




Social Affairs:

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