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Data Sources for Selected Washington State and Regional Indicators:

Real Estate

    WSU Center for Real Estate


    National Association of Realtors



    County labor snapshots


    WWU - CBER

Government Agencies:

Federal Reserve System (FED) & Data Files

Northwest Income Indicator Project (NIIP) - excellent site for regional economic data


Washington State Office of Economic Analysis

Oregon State Office of Economic Analysis

US Census Bureau

Bureau of Labor Statistics

White House Economic Statistics Briefing Room

Internal Revenue Service

US Federal Government Agencies

International Agencies:

Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD)

World Bank

International Monetary Fund

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

United Nations System Organizations  - Official web site locator for UN organizations; contains a search engine of UN sites, links to various UN links and other international organizations.

New Sources:

Wall Street Journal

The Economist

New York Times

Chicago Tribune

Seattle Times

High Country News - Covers the West's natural resources, public lands, and changing communities.


Think Tanks:

The Brookings Institute

The Dismal Scientist - "The Best Free Lunch on the Web," full of data, papers, forecasts, etc.

Economics Working Paper Archive

Institute for Women's Policy Research

National Bureau of Economic Research

Resources for the Future - An economic think-tank focused on environmental and natural resource issues.


Economic Search Engines:

Resources for Economists on the Internet

Statistical Resources on the Web/Economics

Economic Related Web Sites


Misc: - Association for Social Economics - evaluate the impact of injury for the purposes of trial. - analyzing economic damages in litigation settings -  the "committee on the status of women in the economic profession" by the American Economic Association - maintain diversity and innovation in methods, approaches, policy analyses, and higher education in the economics profession. - personal finance tips