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The History Guide of Dr. Steven Kreis has everything I would include in a homepage about history, great materials, great links, interesting essays, advice on writing and studying and learning and just about everything else.

Other links to other Universities which have very good materials on studying and writing.  Enjoy them all. Utah State University (then go to idea sheets), Virginia Tech (then go to study skills/self help), and John Jay.   

Documents and Texts Online:  On Line Library of Liberty, Liberty Documents, The Avalon Project at Yale Law School, The National Archives and Record Administration, Our Documents , The Gutenberg Project, Library of Congress Memory Project, Creative Commons, Bartleby, The Internet Public Library, Cornell, Eldritch, Democracy in America, The Gilder Lehrman Collection,7

 Reference:  Reference Desk and and a Etymology Dictionary and a University of Michigan Documents links,  ACLS Humanities Books online,

The Constitution:  The National Constitution Center, Federalism, The Constitution Society,

Current public policy issues:  CATO, Heritage, The Intercollegiate Studies Institute, The Washington Policy Center, and The Public Interest are very conservative. . . Moving Ideas, Grassroots, Ideas2000, Daily KOS, Demos, New America, My Direct Democracy, and American Prospect are equally progressive. . . Not quite so are New America Foundation and Common Cause. Don't forget C-SPAN . . .or Andrew Sullivan for opinions . . .a blog on Northwest Politics with several links. For political junkies. and Public Agenda. The Library Economics and Liberty, City Journal, A Dictionary of Political Blogs,


On public opinion and behavior:  The Polling Report and Election Atlas. Pew Research, Research Center for People and Press, Pew Internet and American Life Project. Election data service, Pew Research Center  - Seven Projects of Numbers, Facts and Trends Shaping Your World.

On political parties: Political Parties, U Mich Political Science Resources, A British site, Politics1\ Home Page of the ICPP Project. The American Political Science Association,. Maisel Webpage.

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On Congress consider CongresslinkElectionsParties and Elections, and its Old version also have a wealth of information and links.  And Open Secrets your guide to the money in US elections.  Understanding Government. The Century Foundation, The Independent Institute, The Center for the Study of Politics at the University of Minnesota, Thomas,

On the Presidency:  Presidential Studies Quarterly, Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies, Presidential Libraries, C-Span with many links, Presidents, Presidential Powers

On the Judiciary:  The Supreme Court, Washington State Courts, The Constitution, Supreme Court Decisions at:  Cornell, Findlaw,  Fedworld, and Touro. Other considerations of the Constitution at The ACLU, The Constitution Society, to find other constitutions try Charter 88, Supreme Court History,

Several Pacific Northwest Sites:  Pacific Northwest HistoryIdaho History with link to Government, Oregon History and Oregon GovernmentWashington Government and Legislature at Washington VotesWashington History and the History Museum and PNW Historians, And interesting sites on Native American Education, Native American Rights Fund, PNCA, NA in Washington, Shoshone, Northwest, UW Collection, Idaho, Tribes along the Lewis and Clark Trail, PNW Explorers with links. Ocean Shores Interpretive Center has links to many PNW sites. Details of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, tribes and the Indian Wars. History Link is the online encyclopedia of Washington State History. The Center for the Study of The Pacific Northwest and The Northwest Interpretive Association are interesting as well. Fort Nisqually,

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Several Foreign Policy Choices:  Foreign Policy, Foreign Affairs, The National Interest, World Policy, International Institute for Strategic Studies, Interhemispheric Resource Center, Eastern Europe, History of US Foreign Relations, The European Union,

Vietnam:  American Experience, Vassar, Vietnam Online, Mt. Holyoke,

For General Interest:   The History Channel, The American Political Science Association  , City Journal,

Some links to US History:  Clio's Digital Forge, USHistory,  The Net's Educational Resource Center has links to everything.  Several History Journals publish electronically at the History Cooperative. Be sure to check: UMich, Cornell, The Black Past, Pullman Strike, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, The Founders' Constitution, John Adams Papers, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, JQA IIThe Miller Center, William McKinley,


And some to World History:  The Global Consortium is a rich source of web material on world history as is On the NetMatrix is another gateway source, if you have patience, see in particular the celebrity Lecture Series and H-Net.

Paxton's 20th Century Europe, Paul Halsall at Fordham and Robert W. Brown and University of North Carolina have gathered together massive links.  You might as well enjoy exploring them as I do.

Geography: Geographia, Culture, ChinaToday, The World Factbook, Global Access, UMich, deBilj Website

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