Photo Gallery

SWE member pictures at Saint Martin's University


Past president ('04-'05): Jasmine Budrow.

Jasmine Budrow was a civil engineering student. Her interests are forestry, environmental protection and restoration. She is currently working for the Forest Service.

Jessica Schadt and Anna Saint Martin discussing SWE policy.

Jessica and Anna are recent graduates. Anna was valedictorian for 2003-04 school year.

Former SWE webmaster: Joseph M. Andrade

Past SWE members

SWE faculty advisor: Dr. Amanie Abdelmessih

Jasmine at a rugby match

Alaska Conference 2006:

left to right: '06-'07 President Chrissy Orling, '05-'06 President April Elder, '04-'07 Treasurer Stephanie Baltadonis, '06-'07 Vice President Liza Bornasal

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